Acrobats in Action
Acrobats in Action
Acrobats in action.  One is mid-air and upside down.
Look, no hands!
Juggling is a Team Activity
Juggling is a Team Activity
What Do I Do With These?  Acrobats juggling clubs.
What Do I Do With These?

4 thoughts on “Action

  1. My views re the grain – what ISO did you use? Lower ISO reduces noise. Long shutter speeds are also associated with noise but shouldn’t be an issue here given subject is an outdoor daytime image. I don’t believe changing to shutter priority would make any difference. I use noise reduction in Lightroom to reduce noise levels, particularly when I have used higher ISO settings (e.g. night photography).

    I think you could be in a little closer e.g. the first photo the main interest is the person who is upside down. As a start I would crop out the people in the foreground and come in closer on the left hand side. This is all subjective of course and you mightn’t like the outcome but give it a go and see what you think.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I am not sure what the ISO was set at. I will have to check that out. Lightroom is, unfortunately not a resource that I have at this point. I use a variety of free programs, mostly Picasa.

      Cropping would probably have helped the image quite a bit. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that one.

      I really appreciate the feedback. I would like to improve my abilities. Thank you.

    2. I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I now know exactly why my pictures for this post were so grainy.

      I share the camera that I was using for these shots. The other individual who uses it, in an effort to save space on an SD card, had reduced the resolution at which the camera was shooting. I simply failed to check what resolution I was shooting at before I started shooting.

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