In Motion (and Motionless)

A robin in grass.
Here is one still shot.

I saw this robin hopping around the neighbors yard the other day, and at first I thought nothing of it.  Then I noticed him pulling worms and thought that perhaps I could get a nice picture.

On hands and knees, I followed him around for most of ten minutes trying to catch him in the act of pulling a worm.  My wife, ever helpful, watched me and laughed.  Then she hurried to get her phone and take pictures of me crawling around with a camera.

I was unable to catch robin in the act.  He had a clear distrust of me that kept him moving nearly as much as I did.  Finally, he completed a large circle, reached a nest full of eggs, sat on them and ceased to move.  It was at this point that I began to wonder if he is actually a she.

I did catch him (or her) in motion for one of my shots.  The rest, I am afraid, appear motionless.

A robin in grass.
Another still shot.
A robin in grass.
I finally caught it in motion.
A robin sitting on eggs in a nest perched on a partially opened shed door.
No more motion. Sitting and protecting eggs in the nest.


This post and these pictures prompted by WordPress’ weekly photo challenge.



3 thoughts on “In Motion (and Motionless)

  1. I’m not sure which I love most, your actual pictures or the mental imagery of you taking the pictures. I rarely see a great picture of a robin on the nest…great job!

    1. Thank you. I told my wife that I wasn’t excited about seeing those pictures appear online. I am sure I made quite the humorous picture.

      1. I probably wouldn’t want them online either, but when I next see your wife I hope she still has them on her phone. And we all make humorous pictures at times. You’ll be reading about mine very soon.

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